Webinar: Assisting Communities Adversely Impacted by Development Banks’ Projects

The International Accountability Project and Sustentarse invite you to discuss how to use the Early Warning System in order to assist communities that are adversely impacted by projects financed by Development Institutions.

This webinar aims to converse with participants how to best assist communities’ challenges by using the Early Warning System as a tool. The discussion will also explore how activists and Civil Society Organisations can be a part of the outreach community of the system and regularly receive updated information about projects financed by Development Institutions before their approval. The idea is to strengthen our network of allies and work together, in a sustainable and pre-emptive manner, for the assistance of communities everywhere.

The organisations will use the case that impacted traditional fisherfolk in Tocopilla, Chile, as an example of cooperation that can steam out of the Early Warning System community.

Please join us in this conversation so we can grow our collaborations.

Register in Advance for this Webinar: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMuduGvrzouHtwzscz6MolRQaoQnUOyaTRw

For more information about Maia and Alexandre, please click the link below for their LinkedIn accounts:

Maia Seeger

Alexandre Andrade Sampaio



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