IAP Stands with our Partners in Myanmar

  • Publicly condemn the military coup and violence, and express support for communities and civil society in Myanmar to exercise their fundamental rights and freedoms;
  • Take concrete steps to ensure investments do not contribute to the ongoing and severe human rights abuses in-country;
  • Ensure investments and IFI conduct do not legitimize or further entrench the military junta;
  • Freeze all investment in Myanmar, both public and private sector, that are linked to or may serve to benefit the military junta;
  • Reassess funding to the private sector in Myanmar, including through financial intermediaries, until communities and civil society’s rights to information, participation and development can be meaningfully fulfilled and projects can be undertaken with appropriate oversight in compliance with IFI safeguard policies;
  • Put in place mechanisms to work directly with civil society to ensure that any necessary humanitarian and COVID-19 relief directly reach the people of Myanmar.
  1. COVID-19 response in Myanmar: civil society organizations urge IFIs not to collaborate with the junta.
  2. International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and State Donors: stop loans fully reassess Myanmar policy in light of coup d’état.
    Website: http://www.altsean.org/
  3. Letter to Asian Development Bank regarding Myanmar



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IAP is a human and environmental rights organization that works with communities, civil society and social movements to change how today’s development is done.