“Green City” undermines Free, Prior and Informed Consent of Indigenous Communities in Tarlac, Philippines

Petronila Capiz-Munoz, Ayta Hung-ey tribal chieftain of Sitio Sapang Kawayan.
A villager cooks rice in a bamboo tube as she takes a break after a long walk.
Some community members work as seasonal agricultural farm workers in a sugarcane plantation owned by non-indigenous landowner.
Nanay Maria and Nanay Perla finding snails for dinner.
A family traversing an on-going road construction on their way home.
Community members gather in a meeting to discuss updates and share their concerns about the New Clark City.
Nanay Maria is pointing to one of the rivers that was diverted by BCDA. The communities claim that they could no longer find any freshwater crab and shrimp in this river after the road construction.
From afar, Tatay Nelson shows his land that is being developed into a golf course by a Korean business entity.
Houses of villagers who decided to move and settle near the community church.
A child carrying her sibling as they walk home.



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