Community Action Guide on Community-led Research is Now Available in 13 Languages!


By International Accountability Project

What comes to your mind when you hear the words research and communities? Too often, people associate communities as a mere object of research. The community can play a vital role in leading their own research. They may uncover things within their own during the process. Through community-led research, the community builds up their power to voice their development priorities and respond to threats.

“Community-led research is a process through which a community relies on its local knowledge to identify an issue, think deeply about it, and propose an answer.”

Amplifying our commitment to support community-led development, the International Accountability Project (IAP) is excited to launch the latest versions of the Community Action Guide on Community-led Research in four languages: Armenian, Bahasa Indonesia, French, and Tagalog. These new versions are added to the initial compilation of the Guide in English, Burmese, Khmer, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Uzbek, and Vietnamese.

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This guide offers detailed guidance on each step of the research process, information on safety and security, and inspiring stories from three community organizers who used community-led research to support community-led responses and advocacies.

Each chapter allows you to deep dive into interactive activities that could support your community in identifying the development priorities, finding allies, digging information for their research, conducting simple data analysis, and identifying key audiences supporting their development goals.

IAP believes that communities can reclaim control and identify their priorities for development. Knowledge of community best practices and potentials adds value to development that respects people and protects the environment. We know this guide will be a powerful tool for the communities to strengthen their development plans and gain sovereignty to manage their land and resources sustainably.

We can take part in defending communities’ rights to take the role in decision-making related to development. As everyone may benefit from this Guide, please consider sharing this guide with anyone in your community, from leaders, members, organizers, civil society representatives, and to social movements. Together we can create a world where development is designed and lived by the same people.

Would you like IAP’s Community Action Guide on Community-led Research published in your language? Know a community organizer who would benefit from the Guide? Please contact us: iap (at) with your ideas.

IAP and our partners are now finalizing four new translations of two other Community Action Guides: We’re Experts Too! A Checklist to Support Community-led Research the Survey Template for Community-led Research. We plan to publish and distribute these Guides in October 2022.

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